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Hi, I'm Danielle Sadhana Sokol. I was born and raised in New York City and have lived between the USA and Brazil for over ten years.


I am an expressive arts and somatic movement educator and transformation coach, passionate about nature, people, and new cultures. I have been developing a signature approach to self-awareness through the body, movement, expression, art, and meditation and have been working with individual clients, couples, and groups (schools, meditation centers, NGOs, and businesses). 


In recent years, I have facilitated self-development and education workshops in India, Thailand, Brazil, China, the USA, and other countries around the globe.


Today, I dedicate my professional life to supporting people who truly want the most out of life. My mission is to help people get to know themselves better, transform their relationship with themselves, connect with their body, break through their internal blocks, trust their intuition, communicate in a healthier way and have the freedom to create the life they have always dreamed of. It is a privilege to work with those looking to expand their capacity for connection, do the work of transforming trauma, shift from surviving to thriving, and reclaiming their happiness. 


I have had some incredible mentors and teachers who taught me valuable and challenging lessons about slowing down, listening, and taking care of my environment, my body, my inner world, my intuition, and my knowledge. Sharing these learnings with others is a real honor and something that fills my heart with love and joy. 


After all, real lasting change begins with ourselves.

Sadhana Sokol


My work draws from, and is informed by, a range of influences including: 


Tamalpa Life/Art Process Practitioner - training in expressive art therapies - an approach that uses a variety of creative media, including dance, visual arts, performance, and creative writing to encourage self-exploration and personal growth. (California, USA)


Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology and Environment Studies from the University of Vermont, USA.


Postgraduate training in Therapy Through Movement, Body, and Subjectivity by the Angel Vianna School (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).


Bioenergetics Therapy Practitioner - Certification from Namaste: Center of Bioenergetics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   


Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) - with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).


I am currently training as a Co-Active Coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (USA) and as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

Over 10 years of dedicated meditation and mindfulness practice.

Over 5 years of facilitating meditation for individuals and groups.

Over 15 years of teaching and non-profit experience.

“The human soul does not want to be fixed but simply wants to be seen and heard.”

Parker Palmer


I believe that as human beings we need connection and to be able to connect, first, we need to connect with ourselves.

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2% of the income generated from individual sessions is donated to support non-profit projects that I am part of. 

People's experiences and backgrounds are not just about degrees, training and certifications. My personal and professional experience is intertwined with my involvement in community and non-profit projects over the past 15 years and these projects have undoubtedly helped to shape the professional that I have become. 

In addition, I am also the co-founder of two co-living projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Amorada Co-living RJ and Acasa. The experience of living intentionally with others has taught me so much about community, connection, collaboration, empathy and sustainability. Both of these experiences have undoubtedly had a great impact on the person that I am today and directly impact how I think about non-violent communication, decision making processes and the way in which I work with groups and teams.


Kolkata, India - Blossomy Project 


I facilitated the month long Arts Corps intensive expressive arts program with children and teens that are survivors of human trafficking or considered at-risk for trafficking. In this project, the participants explored the relationship between their bodies, feelings and imagination, reclaiming their right to feel safe in their bodies, to trust, to imagine, to dream and to play again. 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - União de Mulheres Pró Melhoramento da Roupa Suja

(Women’s Union for the Improvement of Rocinha) 


I carried out projects in the favela Rocinha for more than six years and most recently created and facilitated the “World and Me” project where young people explored meditation, movement and the creative arts with the intention of deepening their sense of who they are and who they want to become.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - “Perceber Sem Ver” (Perceiving Without Seeing) by the Benjamin Constant Institute (IBC)


I co-facilitated a series of somatic movement workshops for blind and visually impaired individuals that utilized a multi-sensory approach to movement as well as relaxation techniques, first person experience of the body, and movement exploration practices.


New York, USA - East Harlem Tutorial Program


I worked as a Youth Development Specialist with 8-10 year old children in public schools in East Harlem. I created and implemented a literacy and arts based curriculum that explored poetry, short stories, music and visual arts. I also designed projects that encouraged students to produce their own pieces of writing and artwork that explored the themes of self, family, cultural heritage, and community.

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