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Book your discovery call

Please note: This is not a regular session. It is a brief time to connect for me to better know your identified needs & whether we feel there may be a mutual fit. You may ask about cost, frequency, consulting packages, workshops, etc. No advice/counseling is given; a regular session must be booked to begin work together. Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration. 


Client Questionnaire

As your coach, it’s important for me to get a sense of how you view the world, and yourself in the world. Each person has their own unique way of perceiving the world, and has a unique way of interacting with others.

The following questions are designed to help me get to know you better. They are meant to be pondered and to stimulate your thinking in a way that will make our work together productive and rich. I suggest you chew on the questions for a little while before you compose your responses.

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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