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I offer one-on-one sessions and ongoing support to clients creating a safe and nurturing space for personal development and transformation with the aim of helping you to:


Access the wisdom of your body, so you can have a clearer idea of ​​the next steps you need to take to create the life you really want.


Get in touch with yourself, have a better understanding of how your mind works, release old stories, limiting beliefs, and reshape your thoughts to better align with your vision.


Develop your potential as a person and create a life more aligned with your truth.


Allow you to enjoy life by creating more intentional space and build a self-care routine and generate resources to recover your sense of worth and belonging in the world.


Feel more confident, joyful, creative, and full of vitality. Clarify your goals, concentrate your energy where it matters, prioritize your time, and obtain tools, skills, and support to act consistently on what matters.

My clients are from all different backgrounds and span the racial, sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums. They are professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, administrators, creatives, therapists, social workers, students, and much more.

Some of My Specialities Include:

• Somatic Education

• Self-Discovery and Connecting with True Self

• Connecting with and Nurturing Creativity

• Active Meditation and Mindfulness

• Stress Management

Life Transitions and Beginning Again

• Designing Your Life and Routines Intentionally

• Self Esteem, Boundaries, Saying No

• Identifying Needs and Wants, Saying Yes

• Relationship Issues

• Re-examining Core Beliefs

• Strengths Recognition and Affirmation

• Cultivating Curiosity and Compassion

• Practicing Gratitude and Cultivating Joy

• “Stuckness” in Jobs, Relationships, Life

• Reclaiming the Authorship of Your Own Life  

• Trauma Resolution

• Embodied Leadership and Team Building

Image by Henry Be



Image by Henry Be


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