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After all,

real lasting

change begins

with ourselves.



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Recently I had a strong emotional crisis that triggered a series of panic attacks. I sought medical help, but nothing seemed to work. But when I sought help from Sadhana, she was spectacular. I felt listened to, supported, and with her coaching I was able to regain my strength and get out of the crisis. She accompanied me through the crisis and was absolutely fundamental to my healing process. 

I know dozens of therapists and coaches from different areas and I assure you that Danielle is undoubtedly among the few people that I strongly recommend for any activity related to personal growth, self-knowledge, trauma healing, personal development, coaching, etc. Besides being a wonderful and extremely pleasant person to spend time with, she combines a rare sensitivity, with deep theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical experience. 

Maria G. P.

Image by Tim Chow


+1 (917) 741-8679

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